tilecache-2.11, Fri 15 Oct 2010 06:36:11 -0500
  • Change copyright statements to be more accurate
  • Add minimal (read-only, non-optimized) support for the MBTiles sqlite format
  • Fix a bug introduced in disk locking prior to 2.0.3
  • Add sendfile and Expires support to tilecache.
  • Other minor improvements to documentation and pre-seeding.
tilecache-2.10, Sun, 18 Jan 2009 21:07:49 -0500
  • APPLICATION CHANGE: now uses optparse for options parsing, which may require changes in scripts which call tilecache_seed programatically. See the docs for the new style of command line.
  • Add support to S3 cache for TMS-style URLs (thx stvn)
  • Fixes for Caches/ under Jython
  • Support multiple TileCacheConfigs in the same mod_python server (thx fredj)
  • Add support for combining multiple tilecache layers into a single image when using WMS. (thx fredj)
  • allow custom mime_types in MapServer, WMS layers (thx fredj)
  • improve KML links to not link to invalid tiles (thx Graham Carlyle)
  • add png256 support to TileCache using Mapnik (thx Dane Springmeyer)
  • A number of other patches from the mailing list.
tilecache-2.04, Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:00:54 -0400
  • Add support for JSON-output of layer information
  • Add ‘data_extent’ property to allow for informing remote clients of extent of data (seperate from grid extent)
  • Minor fixes to layer initialization with regard to spherical mercator, error logging, and others.
tilecache-2.03, Mon, 19 May 2008 23:13:09 -0400
  • Adding metadata about layers, etc. for allowing external clients to better understand the parameters used by a layer.
  • Improve programatic access to KML SuperOverlay output
  • Add SuperOverlay documentation designed to assist integrators.
  • Fix a bug in Memcache support with Metatiles.
  • Fix ordering of mod_python cache loading to load local paths first.
tilecache-2.02, Sat, 10 May 2008 09:21:47 -0400
  • Add GoogleDisk cache, to save tiles to disk in z/x/y.ext format
  • Add VETMS Service, provided by Steven Ottens
  • Add “Test” cache, which doesn’t cache anything, for debugging
  • Fix Image Layer
  • Add GDAL Layer, for reading images via GDAL directly
  • Add support for reprojecting ArcXML layers
  • Add threading support to standalone http server
  • Support for Mapnik 0.5
  • Support spitting out crossdomain.xml
  • Username/password support for WMS Layers
  • mod_python re-reads tilecache.cfg if it changed
  • Protect disk cache from os.makedirs race condition
  • Bump decimals in TMS,WMS-C units-per-pixel in caps output
  • Minor Changes in KML SuperOverlays
tilecache-2.01, Thu, 27 Dec 2007 08:40:43 -0500
  • Add Amazon S3 Cache support.
  • Add cache documentation
  • Improved error handling in server startup
  • Many minor cleanups of documentation, etc.
tilecache-2.0, Sat, 22 Dec 2007 23:35:03 -0500
  • Refactor TileCache to support drop in plugins for just about everything.
  • Upated TileCache release with KML SuperOverlay support
  • Add MGMaps service.
  • Add ArcXML layer.
  • Make code compatible with PyPI.
  • Cleaning up and moving around a bunch of distribution related stuff.
tilecache-1.9, Wed, 5 Sep 2007 11:14:16 -0400
  • Fix longstanding bug which made some non-geographic projections difficult to create tiles with
  • Add more informative error message output via TileCacheExceptions
  • Fix for “MetaLayer.getMetaSize is too conservative”
  • Report OSErrors more cleanly in
  • Better support for Jython in DiskCache class.
  • Add support for extent_type=loose to allow out of bounds tile requests
  • Improved tilecache_seed to only grab one metaTile from each set – this drastically reduces the number of requests to precache metatiled layers. Also fixed off-by-one error where seed was requesting too many tiles.
  • Add tms_type=google to specify that the TMS layer should go down instead of up.
  • Add setting of labelcache_map_edge_buffer to the MapServer layer if one does not exist on the map object.
  • Make mapnik layer respect layers= config if provided.
  • Remove getClosestLevel, no longer used or neccesary.
  • Better Lockfile removal, from Paul Spencer
  • Update WMS Capabilities, from Steven Ottens
  • Only use metaTiling if metatile=yes, true, or 1
  • Minor change to WMS layer dispatching to handle GDAL WMS Driver compatability.
tilecache-1.8, Fri, 4 May 2007 07:31:38 -0400
  • Patch to ImageLayer from Volker Mische add: * Optional transparency to images which are not transparent. This allows

    the images to be transparent outside the maxExtent of the image.

    • Resize scaling method specification
  • Add support for tile watermarking, patch by Andrew Hughes.

  • Allow for definition of ‘styles’ parameter in WMSLayer tilecache cfg – don’t send blank parameters to the backend.

tilecache-1.7, Fri, 13 Apr 2007 20:34:42 -0400
  • Apache will sometimes kill TileCache, leaving around locks. If we can’t lock for > cache.timeout seconds, throw an exception with the lockname, so that users can cleanup. Reported by Brock Anderson, who had stuck locks for several days.
  • If ImageLayer base image is transparent, make output Image transparent too. Report and patch by Brian Victor.
  • Add support for forcing client to reload on errors, by Suki Hirata.
  • Add support for not caching data which is not images for WMS, with original support written by Suki Hirata.
  • Minor fixups to TMS metadata, from Suki Hirata.
tilecache-1.6, Thu Apr 5 19:09:58 EDT 2007
  • Added Python distutils and Debian packaging materials.
  • Added CONTRIBUTORS and EXAMPLES documentation files.
tilecache-1.5, Tue Mar 27 10:17:57 EDT 2007
  • support reading Layer config from tilecache.cfg, from Hani Howari
  • Added ImageLayer.
  • Support for readonly caches
  • Add utility for cleaning a tilecache DiskCache to a certain size.
  • Minor distribution/documentation changes.
tilecache-1.4, Sat Feb 3 21:56:02 EST 2007
  • Added wsgi handler, from Ehud Shabtai.
  • Added standalone HTTP server, using wsgi handler, from Ehud Shabtai.
  • Added fastcgi implementation, using wsgi handler, from Ehud Shabtai.
  • Improved documentation, including patch from Eric Lemoine.
  • Support for ‘maxResolution’ layer option.
  • Improved support for running as CGI under IIS, from Suki Hirata.
tilecache-1.3, Tue Dec 5 23:40:49 EST 2006
  • Fix metaTile support: * Data was offset downwards by metaBuffer pixels. * metabuffer and metasize parsing was not working.
  • Add support for palatted transparency when using metaTiling. Patch by Matthew Perry
  • Fix for Windows support: os.rename() won’t overwrite files. Patch by Tim Schaub
  • Added ‘description’ metadata as a layer property.
  • <Title> and <Abstract> support added to TMS metadata.
  • Documented layer configuration parameters.
tilecache-1.2, Mon Dec 4 01:15:41 EST 2006
  • Add support for WorldWind style requests, courtesy of Emily Gouge, from Refractions.
  • Add support for MapnikLayer for rendering.
  • Add support for rendering using metatiles: instead of rendering one tile at a time, render a 5x5 tileset, and then slice the tiles up. Good for vector layers, where labels crossing tile boundaries is useful. To turn on, use ‘metaTile=yes’ in layer definition. Requires Python-Imaging.
  • Improved TMS metadata
  • Fix TileCache to work on Python 2.2
  • Fix TileCache to work on Windows.
tilecache-1.1, Fri Nov 17 14:56:56 EST 2006
  • Allow non-integer aspect ratios for bounding boxes
  • Add support for bounding box passed on command line to
  • Change cache to use local layer name for creating caches instead of remote layer list. After installing 1.1, if you have DiskCaches where the local layer name does not match the remote layer name, you should move your directory after installing tilecache-1.1.
tilecache-1.0, Fri Nov 10 13:14:02 EST 2006
  • Initial Release

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